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Update by user Jun 09, 2018

I chose not to cut the trigger off this 2 month old unit, package it. Send it at my own expense and wait a minumum of 3 weeks for my refund.

I repaired the unit myself. The drive axel was not connected to the fertilizer spreader wheel. When the wheels of the unit turned, no fertilizer shot out. I bonded the drive axel to the spreader wheel.

Now when the wheels turn the spreader wheel turns and spreads the fertilizer. Don't know how long the adhesive will last, but it works well for now at least. I will never buy another Scotts product again. Buyer beware.

The only thing Scott's no Quibble guarantee, guarantees, is no Quibble.

If you think you will be satisfied with their remedy of your problem, you will be sorely disappointed. Stay away from Scott's products.

Original review posted by user May 10, 2018

Bought a Scotts top of their line "Elite Broadcast Spreader" $112. Jan 18, 2018.

Broke today, May 10, 2018. Talked with Scotts online chat followed by Scotts supervisor by phone. Both said I was covered by Scotts NO QUIBBLE GUARANTEE. All I had to do was remove the trigger from the spreader, package it, and send it at my own expense to Scotts.

AND within "AT LEAST" 14 days "AFTER" they received the package, I would get my refund. When I expressed the fact that I was unhappy with their remedy, both, Individually, noted that they were sorry If I "felt" that I was inconvenienced. Notice neither apologized for inconveniencing me, just for the fact that I might have felt inconvenienced. Let's see: bought the most expensive, top of the line spreader they make.

Used it 4 times before it broke. Have a spreader full of fertilizer that I won't spread. Spent 1.5 hours trying to figure out a way to use the unit. Could not.

Spent another hour communicating with Scotts customer service attempting to get a replacement or refund. Just told that "I" would have to disassemble the trigger off the unit, package and ship it to Scotts at my own expense. Then informed that after they receive my package proving I purchased the item, it will take "AT LEAST 14 days" to receive my credit. Offered to give them my Amazon Prime order number for the item.

Order date, ship date, delivery date. Not good enough.

This was my last Scotts purchase. I suggest you think carefully before buying a Scotts product lest you be confronted with, "SCOTTS NO QUIBBLE GUARANTEE".

Product or Service Mentioned: Scotts Spreader.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $200.

Preferred solution: Your bad quality. I'm supposed to spend hours fixing your problem. Send product and refund. Immediately..

Scotts Pros: Double spreader concept.

Scotts Cons: Fact that it broke after 4 uses in 4 months.

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We also bought a top of the line Scott’s fertilizer spreader. Ours also broke and because of what you went through with Scott’s we will not attract money back guarantee.

What we will do is not buy any further Scott’s product anymore but we will spread the word about Scott’s. POS

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