Bought a bag of Scotts turf builder plus two fertilizer about a month ago, the bag was pretty hard, so threw it on the ground a few times to soften it up. After I got open the bag, there were still very hard clumps about the size of baseballs that would not crumble by trying to do it by hand.

Had to break it with a hammer, and even then it would not break into granules.

The next time I spend over 50 dollars for a product, I expect that product to be usable. Dont be fooled to believe that if the bag feels soft that, it may still have clods in it.

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Same here. I noticed last year that weeds were still coming through even though I used the fertilizer th recommended times.

When I bought the bag this year, it had hard clumps of fertilizer in it that will not breaks up. My son in law also noticed that Scotts SS is not working like it use to.

Thinking of finding a better quality fertilizer. NOT HAPPY,


I believe there is a guarantee that you should look into. They stand behind their products.

Of course, it may have been moisture from the store. And there can be big differences with the store brands.

Miss Elvira

C'mon. i wouldn't say the product is worthless. i would more likely say you got a bag that accidentally got wet.


It got wet. And, if you really want to buy fertilizer, buy the cheapest brand and/or just go to Walmart or Meijers, or any grain elevator and buy a bag of 12-0-12 for less than ten bucks.

Sometimes much less than 10 bucks.

12-12-12 was always much better, but your government is protecting you from the evil phosphate. Course, plants need the phosphate, but what the ***, you are saving the planet, aren't you??

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